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We’ve been running influencer campaigns since before it was a buzzword. We combine engaging creative with powerful strategy to organize compelling and results driven successful campaigns. The numbers don’t lie:

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Before we talk influencers, we need to talk strategy. Don’t have one yet? Let our influencer, content & social experts sit down with you to discuss your goals, objectives and KPIs so we can build a comprehensive strategy that allows you to punch far above your budget weight. We offer multi-level strategic consulting services to build trust, grow your brand and drive customers. It’s the Travel Mindset way!

Influencer Activations

This isn’t a press trip – this is a collaborative experience between you and the influencer with set deliverables, key messaging points and actions that are metric driven. It’s storytelling, content creation and marketing in the most powerful way.

Offline Events

Whether it’s a big event, an Insta-meet or a workshop in an intimate setting, our marketing team knows how to create the right offline experience to make the biggest impact on your brand. These unique experiences will have a lasting effect on social media, extending your campaign — and the audience’s enthusiasm — far beyond one influencer trip.


Influencer Vetting

Here at Travel Mindset we don’t depend on just numbers to draw up the ideal influencer for your campaign. Instead, we make it personal by meticulously vetting each influencer multiple times to ensure they’re as passionate about your brand as we are. We do the work, you make the choice.

360 Degree Videos & VR

Video is changing the way we consume information, so why not share your destination or product like never before? 360 Degree Videos and Virtual Reality are the top ways to connect with targeted travelers in the most interactive and innovative way on the market.


Influencer Content Creation

From videographers to award-winning writers, we purposely maintain a community of influencers with a variety of skills and interests so that the promotion of your brand is both convincing and authentic. Whether it be through web articles or 360 videos, your brand will reach audiences across a variety of social and content platforms. It’s not advertising — it’s storytelling.

Twitter Chats

Not to brag or anything, but we know how to get people talking about your brand. Twitter Chats are a great, interactive experience for multiple audiences to engage with your brand in a real-time, moderated discussion for an hour. Not only will your brand get a social boost, but you’ll also find yourself with several new fans afterward too.


Social Media Amplification

By partnering with social influencers and creating a specialized social media campaign for your brand, we can ensure that consumers are interacting, engaging, and discussing your brand all across the globe. Twitter Chats, Facebook and Instagram Takeovers, and cross-channel promotion are just a few of the ways we can do that. It’s content seeding in mass.

Content & Social Distribution

Need help getting your own content to a larger, targeted audience? Let us distribute it to our partner websites and their large social channels to get your brand in front of the right audience — quickly and effectively.

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