What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is a highly engaging, real-time influencer activation that brings together influencers and their Twitter followers to establish an exciting online conversation around your brand or destination.

How does it work? 1 Hour, 5+ Influencers, 10 Questions, 800+ Tweets.

Theme: Together, we establish the theme of the Twitter Chat, creating relevant hashtag(s), keywords and conversation-starters around the topic(s) of your choice. Whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive traffic or increase destination consideration—we will focus the chat around your goals. 

Co-Hosts: A minimum of 5 influencers will be selected as co-hosts of the Twitter Chat. These popular online personalities will have followers representing your target audience. Co-hosts will be present throughout the hour-long online event, responding and engaging with each tweet sent.

Twitter Chat Questions: We will create and schedule a series of fun, engaging tweets to be shared from the Travel Mindset Twitter account, including a variety of scheduled questions for influencers, their followers, and the general public to respond and interact with. 

Promo Tweets: Leading up to the Twitter Chat, Travel Mindset will promote the event across social media to increase awareness and engagement.

Twitter Chats are a great, interactive experience for multiple audiences to engage with your brand in a real-time, moderated discussion for an hour. Not only will your brand get a social boost, but you’ll also find yourself with several new fans afterwards, too.

By partnering with social influencers and creating a specialized social media campaign for your brand, we can ensure that consumers are interacting, engaging, and discussing your brand all across the globe. Twitter Chats, Facebook and Instagram Takeovers, and cross-channel promotion are just a few of the ways we can do that. It’s content seeding en masse.