At Travel Mindset, we take the word “Influencer” seriously. We don’t just depend on numbers to draw up the ideal influencers for your campaign. We believe real relationships drive real influence and we’ve confirmed that crunching the numbers, examining engagement ratios, and predicting potential reach isn’t enough. To ensure our influencers are truly the best of the best, we invest time in accessing the quality, not just the quantity of their influence.

We manually vet each influencer—looking closely at the backend of all accounts to make sure their following is organic and engaged. We do a deep dive into their online history and content, as well as previous campaigns, to access their suitability as a partner for your brand. Not only do we manually comb through each of our influencer’s social media channels to be sure they have authentic engagement with an organic following but we also take the time to get to know each one of them on a personal level. We know what makes them tick—the dozens of small details that make it possible for us to ensure they’re as passionate about your brand as we are.

It doesn’t stop there. We also actively work with the best of the best to ensure that they continue to be the leaders in their space. In an effort professionalize the influencer community, Travel Mindset is dedicated to expanding opportunities, mentoring, and educating our influencers in all aspects of influencer marketing so that they can deliver their very best work for you. We call it the Travel Mindset Influencer Academy. From algorithm shifts and best practices in content production and SEO, to digital and audience retention, we have experts working behind the scenes to make sure our influencers are always ahead of the curve—and lifting your brand along the way.

Our influencers are the trendsetters, tastemakers, and experts within their respective spaces. From bloggers and social media stars to thought leaders and celebrities—we work with thousands of content creators representing a wide array of interests, expertise, and followers. We have influencers in the travel space, yes, but we also work with influencers in the family, culinary, fashion, outdoor, music…you-name-it spaces. No matter the audience you’re trying to reach, we’ve got creators there to make an introduction. If you already know an influencer you’d love to work on your campaign, that’s great! Because we are not a closed network, we are able to work with any influencer, anywhere, assuming they meet our high standards—of course.

We do the work, you make the choice. Already have an influencer you’d like to work with? No problem! We love making new friends.