We believe in…

1 The Power of Influencer Marketing (especially in the travel space!) Stats don’t lie so how about the fact that “Potential travelers are 71% more likely to make a decision based on social media referrals” and what about “Influencer marketing generates 13X more ROI than traditional forms of marketing” or even “92% of customers trust online content created by peers above all other forms of advertising!” That’s influence!

2 The human element of influencer marketing. We are not a network or a platform, we dig far beyond follower count, taking the time to develop personal relationships with each of our influencers so that we truly understand who is the ideal fit for your brand.

3 Our influencers. Influential, niche, powerful, creative—our community of creators understand the impact of authenticity and has the power to deliver.

4 Disrupting the Status Quo. Press trips or simple product placements aren’t what we’re about. We focus on crafting big ideas with experiential elements that keep the creativity and impact of influencer marketing alive.

5 Collaborating with our clients. Going above & beyond, building a custom blueprint for success and guiding you throughout the process, handling everything from hand-selected influencer recommendations through campaign activations and reporting.

6 Real data. Fun ideas make the creative juices spin but numbers determine success, which is why they fuel our ideas & strategies. Let’s learn your KPIs, build a unique strategy and then use industry performance measuring tools to deliver complete, real-time reporting that proves true ROI.