Here at Travel Mindset, we take the word “Influencer” seriously. We’ve decided crunching the numbers, examining engagement ratios, and predicting potential reach just isn’t enough. To ensure our influencers are truly the best of the best, we have a multi-tier vetting system in place that can be tailored to meet your brand’s specific needs.

In an effort to professionalize the travel influencer community, Travel Mindset is dedicated to training, mentoring and educating our influencers in all aspects of influencer marketing so that they can deliver their best work for you. We call it the Travel Mindset Influencer Academy. From algorithm shifts to best practices in content production and SEO to digital and audience retention, we have experts working behind the scenes to make sure our influencers are always ahead of the curve — and lifting your Brand along the way.

With in-person workshops, online webinars and detailed consulting services, both our influencers and our clients benefit from our higher learning opportunities. In turn, brand messaging can increase their presence, boost content page views, and maximize fan interaction for better results.