Our lifestyle is changing daily due to the situation surrounding coronavirus. While packing bags and hopping on a plane has been put on pause for the time being, our travel mindset remains stronger than ever and we’re continuing to daydream of future adventures to foreign lands. We’re not cancelling our trips, we’re simply postponing and rescheduling. And until then, we’re staying involved in the community and creating content that we hope is helping our brands, influencers and everyday jetsetters remain inspired, educated and ready to travel post-coronavirus. Here is a current compilation of some of our favorite resources – some pieces by us and some by friends in the industry. If we’re missing anything or you have questions, please reach out and let us know! We’re in this together and we can’t wait to travel with you soon.

Community Chats, Support & Travel Industry News

Travel Mindset Twitter Chats: Every Wednesday at 10AM PST, we’re hosting Twitter chats with industry professionals and travel influencers. Our goal is to check in on everyone and start conversations about travel and current affairs. Anyone may join.

Tourism Industry COVID-19 Resource Group: A Facebook group dedicated to those in the space to share examples, resources, articles, templates, questions and anything else you can imagine involving support in travel and hospitality during this crisis.

Adventure Travel News: Great resource for ongoing, live updates and latest information in travel tourism.

Skift: General research, reports and news in the travel space.

Travel Mindset Instagram: We’re sharing industry tips, inspiration, quotes, story takeovers, and our two cents on what’s happening in the travel realm as coronavirus runs its course.

Resilient Destinations: A resource site dedicated to crowdsourcing and sharing travel and tourism initiatives during COVID-19.

For Influencers

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For Brands & Businesses

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Coronavirus Battle Plan

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Innovative Ways Attractions Are Inspiring Audiences During Coronavirus Closures

The Armchair Traveler: Destinations Going Live During COVID-19

*This resource library is curated for those with a travel mindset and are seeking guidance during this time of uncharted territory. For more general questions and information about COVID-19, we recommend checking out what the CDC is saying and sharing real time.