We are all in this together.

If there’s one thing a pandemic will teach you, it’s that no one is immune and we are all in this together. Yes, this is a crazy, unprecedented time when much about the future is unknown. But people are looking to us for hope, for inspiration, for an escape.

It becomes more clear in times like these that it’s not B2B marketing or B2C marketing, it’s H2H marketing: Human to Human. – Meet Edgar

At a time when there is no recreational travel, there is also no such thing as a competing destination or market. So how can we as destinations and influencers share about each other to help promote everyone? Remember that followers and fans are real people who want to be talked to like a real person. We have the opportunity to build their trust and reach new communities.

Here are six ways to help out other destinations, attractions or products right now:

  1. Send an email and introduce yourself to another CVB, DMO or influencer. Get on a video chat to talk about how their day is going and what challenges they are facing.
  2. Create a Facebook Group for nearby partners. Use the group to stay connected and share hopeful stories.
  3. Share each other on Instagram with inspiration and daily virtual escapes. Tell your audience why you’re sharing this other destination or attraction and what you love about it.
  4. Utilize IG Stories to introduce your audience to a nearby town, an attraction or business. Then switch and have the other business do that for you too.
  5. Create a road trip guide, highlighting nearby cities that you’d visit on the same route, and vice versa. Add these to your website and give that destination or attraction a much needed SEO bump.
  6. Join a Twitter Chat to start having real conversations with consumers and tweet at nearby cities and attractions to join in.