Written by Ariana Dickson

If you’re like us you love heading to Instagram for #travelinspo, browsing through loads of content that will fuel your wanderlust and help to plan your next dream getaway. It’s undeniable that social media has become a serious discovery tool, and we’re not the only ones on this kick. People will do a lot of things for the ‘Gram, including choosing where to travel based off of what they see on the app. One survey recently found that 40% of consumers under 30 are prioritizing “Instagrammability” of potential destinations when making purchasing decisions. This is the Instagram effect and the travel industry is joining forces with social media to get a slice of it.


Instagram now has over 1 billion active monthly users, who post more than 100 million photos each day, a large percentage of which are travel-related. With over 97% of millennials having had posted images or videos from their own trips on social media, the digital landscape is filled with visual allure. From discovering a destination before it becomes too popular to booking a trip based on how Instagrammable it is — Instagram is reigning supreme in the travel planning process and with this transformative power come changes to the way that we travel.

Beyond simply choosing a destination, the ‘Gram also has a hand in creating new concepts that are fresh additions to the tourism industry. Ever heard of an ‘Insta-boyfriend’? Well, an Italian tour company recently launched a new package offering travelers an ‘Instagram boyfriend’ for the day — professional photographers that will follow them around Rome, ‘Gramming as they go. Airbnb Experiences are even catering to the Instagram-effect, providing users with the opportunity to book photoshoots and #vacation like Instagram Influencers. From LA to Paris and Tokyo, guides will take you around to the most ‘Grammable spots, snapping your photo in iconic locations, and some will even edit the photos, sending across a selection for you to choose from.

With the ‘Gram now allowing in-app purchases, we may be seeing even more changes to the tourism industry as consumers continue to become increasingly comfortable with buying through social media. Soon, it may be the case that larger and more inspiration-based purchases are the next step. Whether you have an upcoming event or new flight route that you’re looking to showcase, influencers can help sell those tickets. The future of these in-app purchases, as well as current features like swipe-up links and poll stickers on Instagram Stories have the ability to shape the travel industry, determining how we’re both introduced and joining in on brand new travel experiences. Instagram is continuously providing brands with lots of exciting opportunities to catch travelers at just the right time and place — and influencer marketing in the travel space is shaping up accordingly.

From meet-ups, like Travel Mindset’s St. George Instameet which brought together 8 influencers for a fun-filled weekend of exploration (resulting in 4.2M Impressions on Instagram in 8 days), to Instagram focused activations like this visual-storytelling campaign with Volvo Cars and Visit Sweden — these are lots of valuable ways to creatively employ Instagram and all of its latest capabilities. Knowing how to utilize the platform in just the right capacity for your brand’s campaign will not only provide social media exposure and awareness but establish brand loyalty like no other. At Travel Mindset, we keep our fingers on the pulse of this landscape so that we’re always at the top of our ‘Gram game while crafting each and every one of our campaigns.

Social shareability has become the latest and greatest currency in the world of travel marketing. Want to get in on the fun? If you’re looking to craft your next ‘Insta-worthy’ Influencer Marketing campaign, reach out to us here.