At its core, influencer marketing is all about trust. It’s a strategic partnership between your brand and an influential person, like a blogger or YouTube star. The goal is to spread awareness about a brand to their respective audiences, effectively leveraging the relationship between the influencer’s audience and your brand. Because the influencer’s audience trusts the influencer’s opinion, it’s safe to say that once you’re “in,” their following will become part of your audience.

By partnering with the influencers, you are tapping into that trust and your brand is now part of that relationship.

Influencer Marketing in the travel space is a lot different than it is in fashion or design spaces. The buying cycle is longer and so one Instagram image featuring the destination, like a fashion blogger might feature a new dress, isn’t going to work. Influencer Marketing in the travel space has to hit fans and followers via multiple touch points over the course of several weeks and months.

Inspiration and awareness

The goal with influencer marketing in the travel industry is simple: Make waves. It’s a repeat nudge to the consumer. It’s a two-part process. The first time a follower or a fan sees your messaging on an influencer’s page is called awareness. It’s the first impression. The second time they see that message — this time from a different vantage point — is called inspiration. Together, it drives travel intent and interest toward your brand, allowing that audience member to picture themselves on the exact trip, trying the same restaurants, visiting the same sights, and making the same memories as the influencer.

Increase trust in your brand through engagement on your social platforms

When the influencer links to your social channels or your website, you have the opportunity to grab the audience’s attention and build their trust. That simple hyperlink is the starting off point; it’s the difference between inspiration and preparation. Any comment or engagement on your channels — or on an influencer’s channels — is an indication of genuine interest surrounding your brand and the very real possibility of a new and very loyal follower.

Drive travel intent

Once the fan has the trusted recommendation from the influencer and genuine engagement with your brand on social media, it’s safe to say they have a deeper connection to you and your brand. For them, it’s no longer a dream vacation; it’s a very real possibility. Good influencer marketing will inspire their visit. Great influencer marketing will drive intent and give followers the necessary tools to take the trip themselves. Itinerary notes, photo guides, and packing tips will further cement this relationship and finalize the travel intent.

Are you looking to embark on an influencer marketing campaign for your travel brand or destination? Let us help you craft the perfect campaign, with a mix of strategy and content, influencers and social media.