Located in the southern part of the state near four state parks and two national parks, St. George, Utah, is an adventure destination unlike any other. St. George wanted to showcase the best of its destination to adventure photographers and their audiences. Our goal: Attract niche photographers and continue brand awareness throughout the campaign.



Travel Mindset created an Eventbrite page and a Facebook Event Page to capture potential fans and attendees emails leading up to the event. Even if people couldn't attend event, they received multiple messaging about the destination multiple times a day from various platforms. By the time of the event, the Facebook Event Page had more than 500 members.

Travel Mindset organized the entire weekend, with the help of the tourism board. With help from the tourism board, Travel Mindset organized four branded events plus itinerary recommendations for attendees to round out their trips.

Travel Mindset provided the destination with full event recap and email addresses of all Eventbrite sign-ups so the destination could target them again in the future and send visitor guides.