Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With a new TikTok star popping up every day and Instagram changing up how influencers can create new types of content, you just never know what the best practices are, who to work with and now to implement them. 

To stay current with the latest trends, market reports and who’s doing what, we are compiling the info we see on the web that you NEED to know this week. From generational spending to consumer habits and brand projects, marketing is going above and beyond your traditional display ads and print ads in you favorite magazine and newspaper. 

Influencer Marketing NEWS

Influencer Marketing News

How are Gen Y and Gen Z spending their summers? ADWeek is digging into the data so you know where to focus your energy on social media. 

Haven’t embraced video yet? We know it can be scary and time consuming, but according to this article, it’s going nowhere, so you better jump onboard. 

Trolls come with the territory when you engage in social media, but not everyone knows how to react. Follow these steps to tackle the haters, and still keep your sanity. 

Privacy regulations seem to be changing every other day, but where does that leave brands and influencers trying to reach their target audience? 

Memes: love them or hate them, they are influencing product buying habits

Is influencer marketing really effective for anyone besides millennials? Yes. And the best influencer marketing campaigns can be more successful with older generations than you might think.” How? Read more. 

Retaining customers isn’t as hard as you think. Retargeting and making sure you are presenting the content they want, even through your influencer campaigns, is just as important as making a quality product. 

Questions to ask as you measure your influencer marketing success.

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