You’ve downloaded Clubhouse, you’ve joined a few rooms, and now you’re wondering, how can my brand or destination benefit from getting on Clubhouse. Can you sponsor rooms? What would that even look like?

(Need to know the ins and outs of Clubhouse? Read this first!)

There is big potential here and that’s exciting. The first thing to know is that the possibilities are endless and we don’t yet know all that could be shared or gained from Clubhouse. What we do know is that millions of people are jumping onboard (over 13M since November) and right now not a lot of brands have saturation the app, making it a great place to stand out.

What’s in it for Travel Brands:

Make a plan:

Picking your Co-Hosts:

Picking a Topic:

Capturing an audience:

Add Clubhouse Conversations to existing Influencer Partnerships:

Now what are you waiting on? Need help figuring out your topic, the right influencers or co-hosts? Reach out and let us help!