Influencer Marketing is not advertising—it’s storytelling. From videographers and award-winning writers to industry thought leaders and social media stars, we thoughtfully maintain a community of influencers with a variety of skills and interests so that the promotion of our clients is both convincing and authentic. Whether it be through blog posts, Facebook live videos, creative visuals, IGTVs or much more, our influencers create content in such a way that your brand will reach audiences across a variety of social and content platforms.

Influencer content is native, relatable, and much less intrusive than traditional advertising—driving 50% more engagement than paid ads on social media. While bloggers and writers have audiences who inherently turn to them to be a trusted voice of recommendation is an overly crowded space, content produced for video posts seeks to engages viewers through entertainment and education. Typical influencer-produced content may include:

Not only do these well-produced photos, videos, and written content help clients gain social exposure, engagement, and interest—but content created for specific campaigns can also be repurposed and reused for paid media, landing pages, print features, and more. Endorsements by influencers come in all different shapes and sizes and will always send a signal to their audience that the topic, product, or destination mentioned is worth taking note of.

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