Written by Corinne Edmiston

When Microsoft founder Bill Gates first created the phrase “content is king” in the 90s, “content” was easily defined to mean articles, videos, and radio programs. Back then, all marketers were on the same playing field. Social media revolutionized it though, changing the playing field and the rule book entirely.

It’s easy to feel lost in a field where the rules seem to be constantly changing. Lucky for you, there’s a way to know the basics so you can easily adapt to — and stay on top of — new trends. From formatting to sharing content, we’ve outlined the best ways for your content to succeed — plus how Travel Mindset can take it to the next level to raise brand awareness across the social sphere.

Keep It Simple

When it comes down to writing a blog post, it’s all about presentation. Aim to present your thoughts in a clear and concise manner so your audience can easily understand the message you’re sharing.

Here at Travel Mindset, we tend to fall into to the 3-2-2-1 Formula for formatting our blog posts. Each of our posts have at least three main headers or paragraphs, two external links to relevant content on other websites, two internal links to content on our site, and at least one great photo. It’s a simple, tried-and-true method that gives content creators plenty of wiggle room and allows an audience to easily navigate — and share — your message.

Sharing Is Caring

Now that you’ve written your blog post, it’s time to show it off! This is perhaps the most crucial point to ensuring your blog’s continual success. Sure, you can share it on your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but let’s think beyond the norm. Instead of posting it once on Facebook, schedule the same blog post to go out multiple times over the next month to ensure maximum audience impact. Or, create a special Instagram or Pinterest post highlighting the content so your audience will want to share it with their friends.

Amplify It

Give your award-winning content a boost with influencer marketing. Social influencers are natural-born content creators, publishers, and distributors, and they can help you tap into a new audience base through social amplification and content distribution. Through a specialized Twitter Chat, cross-channel promotion, and Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest takeovers, they can naturally amplify your message — tapping into their demographics and expanding your reach tenfold.

Are you looking to embark on an influencer marketing campaign for your travel brand or destination? Let us help you craft your idea content campaign with a mix of strategy and content, influencers and social media.