Written by Ariana Dickson

There’s no question that the art of social influence provides major value in the world of marketing…but how do you fit influencers into your overall marketing strategy? This how-to process of piecing together a strong influencer marketing plan that is both actionable and aligned with current marketing initiatives can be confusing, we know! But, lucky for you, we know the ins and outs of successful influencer marketing implementation, and we’re here to give you some insider tips. Read on, and cha-ching! — you’ll be on your way to creating a campaign that is ideal for your brand.

Timing is Everything

Take a look at what’s happening in your industry at the moment. Digital trends are constantly changing, and the social space is in constant demand of compelling content. What is your audience looking for right now? Is it of interest for your brand to disrupt the current market? Beyond this, consider the state of your overall marketing strategy. If you are repositioning your brand or preparing for a new launch, it may be a good time to implement influencers into your marketing plan as amplification. If you’re simply refreshing a current strategy, influencers are a really great way to push the boundaries and strengthen your brand-narrative.

Goals + KPIs

Understanding what your marketing team is trying to accomplish in upcoming quarters is essential for planning an influencer campaign that is in-line with current creative strategies. Are you looking to grow social channels, drive engagement or generate awareness? Do you want to create buzz around a new launch? Do you want to increase ticket sales to an event? Is there a specific call to action? Defining these factors will allow you to know which key performance indicators (impressions, engagement, etc.) matter most when implementing influencers into your company’s broader marketing strategy, providing objective and aim for their purpose.

Brand Ethos + Audience

Articulating your brand’s ethos and communicating it throughout your influencer marketing campaign will establish a seamless alignment between your overall marketing plan and content. To know who your message is for (and which influencers should deliver that message), research your target market profile — who they are, where they are, what they love and what they don’t love. This information is key when shaping an influencer strategy that resonates with your audience and creates engaging dialogue.

Online & Offline Activations

One of the most significant parts to fitting influencers into your marketing strategy is determining the variety of online and offline avenues for collaboration. Analyze what’s on-trend and what has been done within your space among other industry leaders, then focus on your own objectives and logistics. Here are some ideas on exactly how to best activate with influencers:

Plan for the Future

Once you’ve finally got your influencer marketing campaign off the ground, determining its success is absolutely essential to guiding (and improving) the strategy behind future activations. Measure performance based on the objectives you set from the start — but don’t forget to lend your attention to what the audience has to say! Influencer marketing is all about engagement. As a collaborative and community-focused marketing tactic, refining your strategy so that it caters to your brand’s goals, as well as your audience’s interests is the key to future success.

Want to develop an innovative influencer marketing strategy that seamlessly integrates into your current marketing initiatives? Travel Mindset is here to do just that for you. Reach out and let us know what it is that you’re looking to do next!