San Antonio Campaign Highlights

Behind the campaign Striving to uniquely introduce Visit San Antonio to new markets, Travel Mindset's Insta-meet showcased the destination in an entirely new light.

Knowing just how unique the destination is, Visit San Antonio wanted to highlight all that it has to offer for two new markets—Culture-Loving Travelers and Urban Traveling Families. To do this, Travel Mindset brought together family-focused content creators for a multi-dimensional Insta-meet campaign, drawing light on the vibrant and historical city. By harnessing the power of social media, influencers from all over the country invited their followers to join in a vibrant, inclusive experience, showcasing San Antonio like never before.




90M Total Campaign
9.1M Total Reach
$2.9M Earned Media Value

Campaign Highlights

6,678 Blog Post Views
3,134 Total Social Media Posts
297.1K Total Social Media Engagements

Social Media Examples

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