Airbnb Campaign Highlights

Behind the campaign We Aimed to Highlight all the Ways Airbnb Offers a Unique Way to See the World

We recruited 25 content creators and social media influencers to promote Airbnb's inspirational new video and to highlight the unique advantages of staying at an Airbnb or being a host. The "From My Window" video was designed to position Airbnb as an authentic travel adventure versus a generic hotel stay. With a heavy emphasis on social media (particularly Pinterest) and new blog content, Airbnb was eager to engage with its target audience (travelers 25-45), drive video views, and encourage consumers to share the view from their own windows in an effort to drive brand recognition and loyalty.




6.4% Increase in bookings
2.9M Video views
47.5M Pinterest impressions

Campaign Highlights

465K Facebook engagements
120M Twitter impressions
16M Banner ad impressions

Social Media Examples

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