We brought together a group of our favorite travel influencers and content creators to chat about how COVID-19 has impacted them, what they are hearing from their audiences, and how to get creative in this “new normal.” Our dynamic lineup of guests included @leaguetravels, @hey_ciara, @bontraveler, @atwjustin and @walkingontravels. Whether you’re a DMO or brand, you’ll find some great insights into each influencer’s audiences and how to partner with influencers moving forward. We explored topics such as:

If you missed our first webinar, 3 Stages of Recovery, watch here

Here are some hot tips and takeaways from Webinar 2:

COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION | Often times, influencers view other influencers as competition in the space. Same goes for nearby destinations thinking of each other as competing markets. It’s time to re-think that model and begin collaborating with other influencers and content creators, and other destinations. This can bring more awareness to all parties involved and the message being shared. Specifically for destinations, since road trips are going to be very popular once its safe to travel again, think of your destination as a stop on someone’s road trip itinerary. Consider where else are they are going to visit and think about how you could partner with that destination to bring in more influencers and create a coop type partnership.

REFLECT & RE-ALIGN | Sometimes when life is “go, go, go!”, you might lose sight of your vision and content creation can become repetitive. Use this time to slow down, reflect, and re-align with your content strategy and mission. Give your brand a refresh. For destinations, rethink your target markets and how you want to market to them now. Who will be the first travelers back to your destination? A big national magazine spread or national ad buy doesn’t make sense right now. Partnering with influencers who have your exact target market (perhaps drive market) does.

RELATE | Influencers that create content that their audience(s) can relate to are killing it right now. @hey_ciara is a perfect example with her totally laugh-worthy tweets and time-relevant tid bits. @bontraveler‘s small biz guides and local Sacramento picks are spot on.

FLEXIBILITY IS KEY | So many things are uncertain right now and the landscape is changing daily. It’s imperative to be flexible, understanding, and collaborative in both your approach to content creation, as well as the way you work with brands. @bontraveler even shared that she is working on campaigns at half her normal rate right now. If you’re a brand with a low budget, consider payment in other forms of currency, offerings and trades, or a deterred payment model.

Watch the full webinar recording below — and grab a notebook + pen because you’ll want to take notes!