SkiBig3 is an adventure destination in Banff, Canada truly unlike any other in the world. With three ski resorts nestled in scenic Banff National Park and two local luxury hotels overlooking the area, we knew that there was a big opportunity for our influencers to share all this hidden gem has to offer.

To fully capture the SkiBig3 experience, we created a public event for influencers and their audience members to join which sought to target several demographics and a range of activities. As a result, nearly 4,000 social media posts were shared over the course of the campaign (occurring before, during, and after the event) which gave audience members an immersive look at a vacation in Banff.

Name of Campaign: #InstaMeetSkiBig3

Influencer Trips and Brand Targets: 1 influencer event activation open to the public highlighting a experience at SkiBig3 (including its three ski resorts, Mt. Norquay, Ski Louise, and Sunshine Village, and local luxury hotels Fairmont Banff, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise), 7 official influencers, 17+ users sharing content to social media

Target Dates: InstaMeet to occur January 16-20, 2019 and campaign to run approximately 3 months

Influencers (paid only): 7 influencers, 4 outdoor adventure focused, 3 luxury travel focused

Cal Snapeoutdoor adventure photographer


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Katie Goldieoutdoor adventure photographer


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Tiff Penguinadventure photographer


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Laura Lawson Viscontiactive adventure photographer


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Ckananiluxury travel, first-time skier


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Walking on Travelsadventure and luxury travel


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Lunatic at Largeadventure and luxury travel


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Overall Goals


Campaign Idea

4 influencers would be selected based on their social media and blog performance, their focus on outdoor adventure (specifically skiing and snowboarding), and their audience demographics. An additional 3 influencers would be selected based on the same criteria but with a luxury travel focus that would work well with the local Fairmont properties. All 7 of these influencers would travel to Banff to attend the 3-day event (each day highlighting one of the three ski resorts). During this time, they would share key experiences from the event including SkiBig3’s Guided Adventures package (an enhanced ski experience to exclusive runs), the run specific their level of ski or snowboard experience (green, blue, black), mountain views over Banff National Park, downtown Banff, local culinary offerings, Fairmont-hosted events like the Ice Magic Festival, and the hospitality offered at Fairmont Banff Springs and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. The influencers would push to channels like Instagram and Instagram Stories which allowed them to share the experience in real time, in addition to channels like Facebook and Twitter to drive users to the Instagram content.

Why It’s Unique

Because the Banff and SkiBig3 area have so much to offer consumers, an InstaMeet activation made sense to highlight the entire experience and push a large quantity of live content out during a given period of time. SkiBig3 is also a unique resort when compared to others as it offers not just one ski resort, but three. The challenge in highlighting such a massive geographic zone is that it can be difficult for just one influencer to cover all there is to offer in just three days. InstaMeets allow us to bring in a number of influencers, their friends, their followers, and even the locals to highlight the entire area across multiple social media channels. lA ski experience is also most often purchased as a “group vacation” and so sharing this experience through the eyes of several adventure and luxury travel influencers made sense.

Each influencer brought a unique take to the experience. Some brought their significant other or a friend, showcasing how the vacation could appeal to a “couples’ getaway” or a “adventure with friends.” For others, it was either their first time skiing (like Ckanani), a return visit to Banff (like Lunatic at Large), or their first time in Banff as a professional snowboarder (like Laura Lawson Visconti’s husband, Nick Visconti).

Travel Mindset sought to amplify this content on its own social media channels using strategies like an Instagram Takeover and a one-hour themed Twitter Chat. This allowed us to continue to share the content after the event, building brand awareness and driving traffic to the blog content.

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