When members of our team first took AccorHotels Seeker Project online quiz, we were fascinated and mesmerized by the results. We wanted to tell everyone about it – and found that our influencers felt the same way.

To echo the feelings we had from the online quiz, we created a dynamic, interactive and highly successful campaign that truly created ambassadors from the influencers – with them sharing over 4000 social media posts about the quiz, the new loyalty program, and AccorHotels.


Name of Campaign: Accor Le Club’s #SeekerProject
Influencer Trips and Brand Targets: 10 different influencer trips, each to a select Accor Le Club property
Target Dates: Influencer trip dates were chosen based on the best time of year to visit each property
Influencers: 10 influencers, 10 unique niches

Ckananiluxury travel, eye-catching photography, Fairmont aficionado


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 Overall goals


Campaign Idea

10 influencers would be selected based on their social media and blog performance, their compatibility with the Fairmont Hotels and Accor Le Club brand, and their target audience demographic. These influencers would complete the Seeker Project quiz which would then pair them with a property to visit based on their unique niche and travel and lifestyle preferences (adventure, family, urban, tropical, etc.). The influencers would travel to these unique destinations, highlighting their Seeker Project results (which brought them to said destination), the property it paired them with, their experience with each property, its amenities and activities, and their level of satisfaction with the entire experience. All of this would be highlighted on social media (especially platforms that are compatible with real-time promotion, like Instagram Stories, which allow the influencers to give a holistic view of the entire experience) and in post-trip content.

Why It’s Unique

This was one of the most unique campaigns for Travel Mindset due to the number of influencers and unique properties covered over a set period of time. While promotion sought to cover each unique property, it also worked to push consumers to a specially designed brand experience, the Seeker Project, which implemented a value proposition personalized per consumer. This set of influencers acted as an amplification of this brand initiative by giving the target audience an inside look at what the entire experience would look like and leading them to the starting point: the Seeker Project landing page.

Each influencer trip was completely different from the other. They took into consideration holidays and events (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve), specific audience demographics (such as gender, marital status, family size, sexual orientation, etc.), and special interests and themes (outdoor adventure, self-care, sustainability, urban exploring, etc.). Because this campaign utilized a large number of influencers and several trips spread out over a long period of time, we were able to effectively promote the brand to a number of unique niches and demographics.

Because this campaign was so large, we implemented content strategies to tie the entire brand message together. Some of these strategies included an Instagram Takeover on Travel Mindset’s channel (2 photos from each influencer trip highlighting their unique experience, all of which was published in one day) and a Twitter Chat (a one-hour themed chat on Twitter where influencers share their experience and content, and where consumers can engage directly with the brand, influencers, and content).


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