Walking around Zurich’s formerly seedy areas, there are pockets of brilliance in the form of beautiful stores that you’d never expect to see there. Lyn Lingerie, on Glasmalergasse 6, is an exceptionally beautiful lingerie store full of delectable handmade whisps of fabric and lace. If you’re a lover of fine lingerie, you’ll be in heaven there.

Everything that adorns the racks is hand-stitched in the back of the store by the two partners, Evelyn and Ramona (aged 28 & 30), and it is just exquisite. I wanted to buy their entire classic collection, which looks like it could have been designed for the show Boardwalk Empire. Every season they introduce a new collection, each seems to be prettier than the last.

You won’t pick up a cheap pair of undies at Lyn Lingerie, but you will find the type of underwear that will make your lover gasp in appreciation when they get to see it (a pair of French knickers will set you back about 250 CHF/ $282).