As much as people love to travel to Puerto Rico, somehow the big island manages to steal the spotlight, leaving the other islands largely unexplored. We’re here to tell you there’s more to Puerto Rico than just the big island. Tucked away off the eastern shore is Vieques. Its pristine beaches have been featured in HGTV specials, countless music videos, and even in the Sports Illustred Swimsuit issues, and it’s quickly gaining ground as a secret paradise for adventurers. 

Luxe Life

The W Hotel offers a luxurious stay with a gorgeous view and remains one of the nicest resorts on the island. Come for the lovely staff and 5-star dining, stay for the oceanside breeze



Countless Beaches

Vieques is home to over a dozen beaches, each different from the last. Try and see how many you can fit into your visit! Seeing every beach on the northern side of the island alone is a mission



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