Bearly’s House of Blues and Ribs is a bar without any pretentions, and the perfect place to go sit with a beer and watch music any night of the week. You get all sorts at Bearly’s, true music lovers that head out to catch visiting talent, locals who show up every week to listen to Halifax faves like Roger Howse, and on Wednesday nights the place is packed out with all sorts who show up to partake in the hottest karaoke night in the city.Heading out to Bearly’s to catch a show is a no-stress affair. Just make sure that if the performer is from out of town, or a big name, that you get there early, as the place can get rammed full and you might not get a table. (Same goes for Wednesday night karaoke, by 10pm it is standing room only.) Get there early and grab ribs or a steak for dinner before the show begins, and there’s a pool table in the back to help keep you entertained.

Although the ribs and steaks are good, the appetizer menu is full of pretty standard pub fare, all served with a healthy serving of grease. The stacked nachos and potato skins are perfect for sharing over a pint, and if you haven’t tried deep-fried pepperoni, our local delicacy, then you should (as disgusting as that sounds, it really is very good, especially dipped in honey mustard.

In the fall and winter months Bearly’s has a Bluegrass Matinee on Saturdays, which are perfectly lazy affairs to take part in on the weekends, and on Sunday nights there is a weekly bluegrass jam.

Bearly’s pulls in a friendly and very mixed crowd. For the karaoke, you get everyone from students to grizzly old men that look as though they’ve just finished working at the docks (and of course they always have amazing voices). There’s no judgement if you are a terrible singer; everyone still sings along and the small dance floor stays full all night. Nights at Bearly’s often turn into parties, a little rowdy but all in good fun. This bar is a gem in the Halifax live-music scene, and should be included on every visitor’s itinerary.

Bearly’s is located at 1269 Barrington Street, Halifax.