If you’re looking for somewhere to escape the rain, beat the heat, or just to do something completely different when you are in Tremblant, then Studio Créatif is a great place to go. This paint-it-yourself ceramics studio is right there in the village, and offers you a chance to express your creative nature and make something really cool to take home.

The first step when you get in to the Studio Créatif is to choose what you want to paint from the shelves of blank objects. You’ll find everything from tiny vases to ceramic fairies and Ironman statuettes to stylish olive bowls and cookie jars, ranging in price from $14 to $70. Once you’ve chosen, the staff will help you select five colors to paint with, and instruct you on what to do. (You pay an additional $10 per hour to sit there and paint your object.)

Visiting for the first time, Le Studio Créatif wasn’t what I was expecting.

There were lots of really interesting blank pieces to choose from, and though my six year old had her heart set on painting a ceramic fairy the second she saw it, I actually had a hard time choosing what to paint as there were so many things I liked; I eventually settled on a mug shaped like an owl. Owner Caroline Christie makes a real effort to bring in useful items that people will be proud to say, “I made that,” whether they are kids or adults (she in fact gets a lot of bridal parties coming in to create something beautiful for the bride, and hosts girls nights where groups turn up with a bottle of wine and spend a fun evening painting, talking, and laughing).

Painting the pieces is easy, and fun. We swapped colors so that we had more to use than just our five each, but you can also buy additional colors for a dollar each. The studio is bright, and there was good music accompanying us as we worked. The atmosphere was fun and casual, with Christie available to answer questions and offer us any help we needed.


After we’d finished, we signed the bottom of our pieces, and left them with Christie so that she could put them in the kiln overnight for us, so that they’d be set and ready for pick up the next day (she does have paints you can use that dry the same day if you aren’t able to wait for the pieces to cook through). We left excited to see how our pieces would turn out, and my daughter wanted to be there the moment the store opened the next morning to pick up her fairy.

Our pieces looked really great, and we were both thoroughly impressed with ourselves, which is a common reaction apparently, because it is so easy to create something fabulous. “It’s a good activity to do with your family because you get a nice memory of your stay in Tremblant, and every time you use it you’ll be reminded of your trip,” says Christie. We loved visiting Studio Créatif, and were seriously impressed with how our ceramics turned out.


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