Utah is a little bit like Mars. With 300 plus days of sunshine, red cliffs, gorgeous creeks, and desert backdrops, it’s a surreal landscape. Just like Mars, it’s a haven for adrenaline junkies.

No matter how many hikes you take or how many cliffs you climb, it all feels a little bit like unchartered territory.

There’s a lot to do in St. George. From dune buggies to amazing hikes throughout Zion National Park, here’s a quick starter bucket list for your first of many trips to St. George, Utah.

1. Conquer the “Big 3” in Zion National Park: Angels Landing, the Narrows, and the Subway.

2. Experience Canyoneering 101 with a half-day basic course sponsored by our friends at Zion Adventure Company. Once you’ve gotten a taste of canyoneering (and you’ve seen the fiery hills and slopes of St. George) for yourself, you’ll never be satisfied with just a hike again.

3.  Have a celebratory dinner at Cliffside Restaurant. The views are just as stellar as the food.

4.  Hit the trails on two wheels! Bike the Gooseberry Mesa and Hurricane Rim Trails with the crew at Red Desert Adventure.

5.  Just outside St. George is a little black mountain with 6,000 years of history scrawled on it. The petroglyphs at the Little Black Mountain Rock Art Site are worth seeing and picnicking at, but if you want to up your game, plan a sunrise visit on December 21st when there’s a winter solstice alignment.

6.  Spend a few hours enjoying the crisp early morning air with some fishing at Quail Creek State Park. Who knows, you might just catch the big one.

7.  Squeeze into a few some spaces and see what’s happening beneath St. George with a caving tour.

8.  Teach the family how to chase waterfalls with hikes to Weeping Rock and the Emerald Pools in Zion National Park. The two hikes are excellent warm-ups to the ones you’ll want to try later in the week, and they’re both pretty perfect during the springtime.

9. Zipline over Mojave Canyon with Paragon Adventures. We’re told it’s perfect for the six-year-old first timer and even the 80-year-old expert.

10.  The Watchman hike is a must for the full Zion experience. Because the hiking trail has very little shade, be sure to bring plenty of water and plan for a hike earlier in the day when the sun isn’t too strong.

11.  Before you leave the fun behind, try the 50-minute Mountain Glow treatment from our friends at Red Mountain Resort.

12. Hit the sand dunes on four wheels with an epic ATV adventure just behind Sand Hollow State Park. Don’t forget the camera, though! You might spot a few desert critters along the way.

Sponsored by Visit St. George.