The modern day bachelor party is all about finding amazing and unconventional adventures to make memories with the man they are ushering into marriage –  almost as much a test of bonding as the actual marriage itself. Gone are your Dad’s days of hazy all-night parties you live to regret in the morning. The new era has become a multi-day man-scape with epic trips to brag about for years to come. And, let me tell you, our dads are jealous.

When putting together a modern day bachelor party, one of the most critical components to consider is location. Not only do you need to choose the right spot, but you need to make sure it’s equipped for your getaway. Through trial and error, we whittled our list down to three main critera for destinations; private grills, nice dinner options, and unique adventures. Settling on St. George, Southern Utah had just the right mix of space, escape, and class.

Once we finalized the destination, we ran it though our checklist. 

The Grill:

While it may seem like excess luxury to some, securing a hotel with a grill is the cornerstone of a successful bachelor party. Not only is it great for actually making food, but it means that there is outdoor “hang out” space, which is essential –  we’ll call this the “Dude Space.” The grill is simply an object to gather around – where beers will be enjoyed and burgers will be burnt (hopefully not all of them). In a time of bonding, we liked the privacy it alloted without any background drone of a bar or outside distractions.

Coral Springs Resort’s condos were the ideal command center. There were enough beds to fit out entire party with a master suite just for the groom (though several of us had to try out the massive shower), and, with a full kitchen and den, we had plenty of room to spread out. The highlight though was the large steel grill that took up only a portion of the expansive patio.

The Nice Dinner:

Where “The Grill” is for hanging out, “The Nice Dinner” has the “shirt and dress shoes” component and is ultimately dedicated to the groom. Naturally, everyone settles everyone down a bit and the meal becomes the time to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, compliment the bride, and congratulate your friend. The “Nice Dinner” doesn’t have to be the most expensive restaurant in town, but, above all else, it must feel special and tailored to the groom’s preferences.

For us, that usually means steak or seafood because, when you talk about the weekend to other people – even your mom – they will want to know what you ate. St. George had two solid options from which to pick. Settling on sushi, Benja Thai & Sushi was easily able to accommodate our decent sized group, and the food was delicious – ordering a mix of sashimi and noodles along with a selection of sakes.


Adventure is where St. George excels. A massive outdoor adult playground, there are miles upon miles of hiking, 4WD and horseback riding trails. Limiting our itinerary to one activity a day, we never felt rushed and could really appreciate our surroundings.

4WD – Off-roading has become a staple of our bachelor parties, and St. Gorge blew us away. With a mix of terrain and backdrops, shifting from grassy fields to hundred-foot high sand dunes, we were able to open up our 4-Wheelers on beautiful straightaways and hold on tight as we flew over ridges and around deep bowls. With so much space, the guide didn’t have to do much to keep our adrenaline pumping, and the unlimited speed was a rush we’d never experienced before.

The Narrows – Simply one of the best hikes on Earth. You may not understand just how amazing this hike is until you’re doing it – knee deep in river water and eating every word you said about not needing a walking stick. Not only is it the perfect adventure for all skill levels, but its layout tests even the most adventurous to stretch beyond their comfort zone in ways they never thought they would.

As we progressed, we all got bolder – climbing up rocks and wading into deeper waters, making new memories and stories we could share for years to come. Maybe it was the distance, maybe it was scrambling between cliff faces, or maybe it was simply the threat of carrying our own poop, but we all returned to the trailhead noticeably closer.

Perhaps before the internet and cell phone era, bachelor parties were about letting go of a friend, but nowadays, they’re about holding on. While every party is still a send-off of sorts, it’s also an affirmation that this group of guys will be there for you whenever you need. And we’ll always have St. George.

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