Imagine being the only human on a ski slope just as the sunsets over the mountains and you’re looking down on a frozen lake with a pinkish blue sky. As the sun starts to set and the last skiers exit the gondolas, you enter a training room on the far side of the resort, get fitted for a helmet and goggles, and bundle up before heading back on the slopes to meet your snowmobile. Even though it’s cold outside, you’re sweating as you put your hands on the steering gears and rev up the engine.

For the next hour it’s just going to be you, your guide and the light from your snowmobile as you embark on dusk to dark 40 mph ride through the empty slopes.

Snowmobile Tour at Snowshoe Mountain

This high-energy tour is the most popular at Snowshoe Mountain resort and it’s easy to see why. Even though I was a little timid at first, that only lasted 5 minutes before I was cranking the engine, turning with speed, and driving fast up the mountain. It was incredible to experience the same slopes I had skied down all day from this different perspective.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort offers incredible skiing, but it’s the other winter activities that truly shine. Unlike other ski resorts that offer a snowmobile track away from the slopes, Snowshoe Mountain puts snowmobile drivers right in the middle of the action. Snowmobile tours are offered starting at 4:30pm, right when the slopes have closed for the day. This offers a unique dusk to night perspective on the slopes and pumps up the adventure factor, as the snowmobile goes up and down some of the best runs on the mountain.

Do it yourself:

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. The team at Snowshoe Mountain goes above and beyond to make your experience incredible. That experience all starts with going over the safety regulations and making sure you not only understand how to control your snowmobile, but that you feel very comfortable doing so, too. 

Adventure hungry: This trip really is great for any adventure level. Even if you’re a seasoned snowmobile driver, you’re sure to get the adrenalin pumping on this route. Talk to your instructor before the tour to tell him your experience level and he can change the route depending on what you want to see.

Traveling with your family, you’re in luck too. Children ages 6-15 can ride as passengers with an adult so they don’t have to miss any of the fun. 

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