There are lots of places in Montreal that sell smoked meat sandwiches, and most places you order it, you’re probably going to get a good feed. However, by visiting Schwartz’s, you are going to get the most delicious smoked meat sandwich in the whole of Montreal, and the most authentic Quebecois Jewish deli experience possible when you sit there and eat it.

Schwartz’s doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the ever present line-up is fair warning that you’re in for a foodie treat. Once you eventually get in, you can sit at the counter or on a bench at one of the long thin tables, where you’ll be elbow to elbow with fast talking locals. Order yourself a sandwich, fries, a pickle, and a black cherry soda, and you’ll be good to go.

Made from the same recipe since 1928, the brisket is marinated in spices for ten days before it is smoked, which gives it a deeply rich flavor, and incredibly tender meat.

The white bread sandwiches come piled high with meat, are spread with mustard, and are so delicious that even though you think there is no way you’ll actually be able to finish that mountain of meat, you’ll have a pretty good go at doing so. The homemade fries are perfectly crisp, and that Cott’s Black Cherry Soda (which is hard to find outside of Montreal) compliments the meal perfectly.

The deli itself is a trip. Surrounded by trendy boutiques in a now cool part of town, Schwartz’s doesn’t look like it has changed much over the years and it definitely isn’t interested in fitting in (which is of course the ultimate in being cool). Although the staff are friendly enough, they are too busy to spend much time waiting for you to decide what you want (so scan the board, and decide before you get to the front of the line).