Much loved by fashionistas the world over, Printemps is the most stylish department store in Paris. If you have arrived in the city and immediately feel dowdy compared to its chic inhabitants, then head straight there for an appointment with one of their personal shoppers to get you properly kitted out for your time in the city, and so that you can come home as a much more stylish person than when you left.

We quizzed Priscille De Benoist, manager of the personal shopper service at Le Printemps, to find out a little more about using the service there…

How much money does one need to have to spend in order to use a personal shopper at Printemps? 

It’s not a question of money. Our customers need advice. The personal shoppers are fashion, design and art specialists and they select pieces in all the Printemps to build looks according to the needs and wishes of the client. Le Printemps offers a huge selection of avant guarde and creative designers for a trendy wardrobe.

Do you have lots of stylish people ask for your help, or is it mostly clueless ones that request your services? 

People who come there want to have a style defined for them as they often don’t have enough time to make it by themselves. The are looking for style, fashion advices, dedicated services and personal attentions. Their aim is to feel comfortable with themselves.   

Are people often surprised at some of the pieces that you select for them? 

The personal shoppers select pieces in accordance with the taste of the client but they also make them try brands they wouldn’t have discovered by themselves.
Our clients are sometimes surprised when they look at the mirror without feeling disguised. They must feel immediately confident with themselves. Then a trust relationship appears between the personal shopper and his client. We try to make them live a different shopping experience.  

Is it difficult to get people to move away from their usual choices and embrace change with their style? 

It’s not difficult to get people to move away from their usual choice because if they call on our service the reason is that they want to be supported in their shopping. They want to buy better with someone who has an expertise in trends.
We have to be responsive to their demands.

What are people’s reactions at the end of a session with you?

Usually, people would be happy.
At the end of a shopping session they feel well with themselves, be it with their body or their soul. We try our best to bring them advices which go beyond their demands and to make them live a real experience.

Do you love being able to help shoppers become more stylish? 

It’s very rewarding to help people feel better while guiding them in their shopping. You have to adapt yourself constantly according to the tastes of you client which is the motivation of the Printemps Personal Shopping Service.