There’s a certain feeling of achievement by summiting a peak, shredding a mountain, or reaching a vista at what feels like the end of the world. And isn’t the best way to celebrate with an icy cold beverage? But when was the last time you were handed a beer atop a cliff or glass of champagne mid-ski run? At these 5 spots, you just may be able to imbibe at the very edge of Earth.

The Oasis, Aspen, Colorado. The Oasis speaks for itself. You’ve just conquered your best run to date on the mountains of Aspen and want to celebrate but aren’t yet ready to call it day. And that’s when The Oasis may appear. A champagne and caviar bar set to satisfy your thirst for adventure and comfort that rises up seemingly out of nowhere, The Oasis moves around the mountain throughout ski season, operated by The Little Nell, a five-star luxury property at the base. For clues to their whereabouts, you’ll have to the follow The Little Nell on Twitter.

The Bar at Vernadsky Research Station, Antarctica. The fact that this bar is in Antarctica should be all the proof you need to know it’s one of the most far-flung spots to drink in the world. Holding the title of “World’s Southernmost Bar,” the bar at Vernadsky Research Station is your basic pub in one of Antarctica’s most renowned academic facilities. Most unique about it, however, is their own distilled vodka, which is one of the cheapest shots you may ever take, and free for women willing to part with a certain undergarment.

Rock Restaurant, Tanzania. The Rock Restaurant is just that, a restaurant perched atop a rock that’s not much bigger than the restaurant itself. Located just off the shore of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean east of Africa, Rock Restaurant can be reached by foot during low tide, but during high tide, visitors are transported to and from Michanwi Pingwe Beach. First and foremost a restaurant, their drink menu features numerous local African wines and beer.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica. Even more nitty-gritty than Rock Restaurant is Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica, which looks like nothing more than a shack with a lightly thatched roof held up by some wooden posts. It qualifies as the most remote and rustic bar on this list, accessible only by boat, about a 10-15 minute ride from Treasure Beach. Belly up to the bar, order a glass of local rum, and enjoy the views on your very own Gilligan’s Island.

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Bali, Indonesia. Similar to Tanzania’s Rock Restaurant, Indonesia’s Rock Bar is just that, a bar atop a rock cliff face overlooking the ocean. But don’t go thinking this is another dive. Located in the swanky and award-winning Ayana Resort, visitors can expect to find an expressive cocktail list featuring everything from classic martinis to contemporary, creative concoctions. Be sure to arrive early to secure the best views for sunset.