Malbec is a red wine made from a special variety of purple grapes. Although Malbec is manufactured in a few places around the world, Argentina makes such high-quality Malbec that it has come to be known as an Argentine wine. 

Mendoza, Argentina is a high-altitude city, making it an ideal place to grow the grapes needed to make this robust wine. Many wineries are located around the Andes Mountains with altitudes of around 2,800-5,000 feet. 

Argentines take their wine very seriously, especially this variety, since it is one of the reasons that Argentina is considered a famous and notable wine manufacturer.

Although many Malbecs are exported around the world, the quantities are often limited. This makes the wine both expensive and sometimes difficult to find. If you are traveling through Mendoza, the local wineries are well worth a visit, as you will taste some incredible Argentine Malbecs. 

There are several organized winery tours that will take you to different wineries, but it’s easy to organize your own as well. Some of the best wineries to stop by include Bodega Luigi Bosca, Trapiche, and Mendoza Vineyards

Pop into a few wineries, or stop by a local wine shop. A visit to Mendoza just wouldn’t be complete without a tall glass of Malbec.