I think there’s something in the water in Quebec. It’s like all the best parts of Canada — the food, the great outdoors, the spas — have been wrapped up and placed in Quebec for visitors to enjoy. The results are magical and mystifying. To be honest, it’s really hard to convince yourself that you really do have to leave and go back to “normal life.”

Rather than spend your time in tour group after tour group, I’ve lined up some simple tips to help you uncover the best parts of Quebec on your own.

Visit the thermal baths

The only thing better than a nice warm bubble bath at home is a visit to the Scandanivan-inspired Nordic spas here in Quebec. Ranging from thermal waterfalls and cold pools to classic spa favorites like saunas, the health benefits you’ll receive from a full day of pampering and relaxation at the Siberian Station Spa are simply too dreamy to pass by.

Be picky on your overnight accommodations

Quebec is a province that doesn’t compromise — in the best way possible. Do you want a 5-star meal? Done. Need a vacation full of outdoor activities? Simple. You take great care to plan nearly every detail of your trip, so why would selecting the perfect hotel be any different? Be sure to take your time picking a hotel, bed and breakfast, or camping site for everyone on the trip can enjoy. At the end of the day, you’ll find out that one of the highlights of your trip came from your stay at one of Quebec’s premier hotels.

Treat yourself to full course meal

Food trucks, tours, and gourmet restaurants? Goodness gracious, it’s a foodie’s dreamland. Besides making time for the go-to Quebec favorites like poutine and various gourmet cheeses and wines, be sure to treat yourself to at least one ritzy meal during your stay. Yes, that does mean appetizers, salads, a main course, and, of course, dessert. Because Quebec is such a culinary haven, select a restaurant that uses local produce in most all of their dishes and emphasizes the importance of a culinary experience for diners. The insight from the waiter and the chef will help you gain a deeper appreciation for the province you’ve been visiting for the past few days.

Try a new activity

Plenty of bodies of water, lots of forests, and cities that are bursting with activity? Quebec is my kind of hangout. A simple goal during your Quebec vacation can be to plan for one major active adventure each day. Now, that doesn’t mean just bike riding around the city. Those forests and lakes will hold plenty of chances for ziplining and canoeing experiences, too. 

Split your time between the city and the outdoors

There’s more to Quebec than just Montreal and Quebec City. Really, a road trip through the province is one of the best ways to see all the major sights and adventure opportunities. One of the best parts about a vacation is creating your own itinerary and travel guide along the way. Take a look at the map and see what areas interest you the most, then adjust your drive time as needed. You’ll feel like a Quebec local in no time.

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