The perfect mix of sharp and sweet, key lime pie is a decadent treat that hits all the right notes. If your only experience of this dessert has been a mass-produced version that comes from a freezer at a supermarket, then you’re in for a real treat when you actually get to experience a freshly made pie in the Florida Keys. For an authentic home-made experience, you can’t go wrong at Mrs Mac’s Kitchen, which is on the Overseas Highway in Key Largo. 

As you pull up to Mrs Mac’s, a neon sign declares that their key lime pie is world famous, and once you taste it, you can see why it just might be. The base is perfect, the filling is light and fluffy, and it tastes so fresh. If you’re not in the mood for pie, you can also get a key lime freeze (just like a float, and very, very yummy), or indulge in a proper meal (the conch, another local specialty, is really good). 

Besides the great food, Mrs Mac’s Kitchen is worth a visit for the decor and atmosphere. Decorated like a beach shack, this sweet little diner is a local’s favorite, and when we were visiting there were a few suntanned and creased-skinned old dudes who looked like Jeff Bridges as the Big Lebowski sat at the bar sipping on Corona’s. The staff were really friendly, and make you feel like you wished you were a local too. 

So, go for the pie, and love every delicious and calorie laden bite, but soak up the atmosphere and grab some seafood and a beer or two to lay a good foundation for that pie to rest on.