Bacon, bacon, bacon. While some people may be screaming for this food trend to die, it doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing. What once was just a side item for breakfast once a week is now being integrated into every type of meal and dish you can think of. While you may be accustomed to things like bacon cheeseburgers and BLTs, the bacon trend runs much deeper in San Francisco. Here are five different ways you’ll find bacon served in San Francisco.

A lot of different ways at the Bacon Bacon Food Truck. You’ll find what seems like an exhaustive list of options at the Bacon Bacon food truck, similar to how Bubba lists off all of the varieties of shrimp in the movie Forest Gump. The food truck has become one of the most popular in San Francisco, with each dish having some presence of bacon. A few of the popular sandwiches include the burger, taco, and panko encrusted chicken. Other bacon-infused items include bacon jam and bacon mayo. There’s even chocolate-covered bacon that strikes a balance between sweet and savory.

Deviled eggs with bacon, Park Tavern. Park Tavern is one of the newest restaurants in San Francisco where locals go to see and be seen. Located in North Beach, adjacent from Washington Square Park, this is a popular evening restaurant where you’ll want to make sure you have reservations. Among the unique appetizers are deviled eggs with pickled jalapenos, chive, and topped off with bacon. Since it comes with just two eggs, you may find yourself ordering more then just one serving.

Bacon ice cream at Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. Before you snarl at the idea of bacon ice cream, hear me out. Humphry Slocombe is a respected San Francisco ice cream shop, dubbed “Ice cream with attitude”. A quick glance and your interest will be further piqued when you notice flavors such as peanut butter curry, cucumber ice milk, salt and pepper, sour cream, and of course bacon. However, the long lines at Humphry Slocombe aren’t just because of the novelty. Give it a try and your expectations are likely to be exceeded like the thousands before you.

Bacon doughnut at Dynamo Donuts and Coffee.  It’s only natural to think about bacon during breakfast, but what’s not natural is to think of it in relation to doughnuts. However, that’s what you’ll find at Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, which is considered one of the best cafes in San Francisco. Don’t believe me? Travel + Leisure named them one of the 50 best new restaurants a couple years ago. One of their staples is the Bacon Maple Apple doughnut, sautéed in bacon fat and topped with a maple glaze and pieces of crispy bacon.

Bacon Bonbons at Gitane Restaurant and Bar. While you’ve certainly had bonbons before, you probably haven’t had them like this at Gitane Restaurant and Bar. It’s just one of the many creative menu items at Gitane. The bacon used in the bonbons are more of a candied bacon, making it a savory-sweet combo. It features pitted prunes, stuffed with goat cheese, and then wrapped with smoked bacon.