Monterrey, Mexico is known for its tacos de barbacoa and lengua (tongue) as well as cabrito (kid, you know… baby goat) cooked to perfection on a rotisserie. In other words, it’s a meat-loving town and when you visit Monterrey, you can’t miss these local favorites.

Take note, however, because there’s one little place you won’t want to miss when visiting this city! Don’t leave town without standing in line for a cup of steaming, mouthwatering elote at Elotes La Purísima in trendy San Pedro, a snack bar specializing in nothing but corn. It’s unassuming and somewhat of a dive, but oh so delicious and worth the wait!

How it’s made:

La señora scoops out kernels from a giant, steaming pot of white corn. She then asks you if you want all the toppings – cream, cheese, mayonnaise, and chili. If you want to watch your calories, ask her to skip the mayonnaise because, most likely, you won’t notice a difference in the flavor. With the cup of corn in hand, walk over to the giant silver bin of limes and squeeze as much fresh juice as you can into the cup. Finally, mix and enjoy.

If you aren’t into eating a full cup of corn, try the same snack, but with a bag of chips. Order Tostitos or Conchitas (locally made chips, similar to Fritos) and add cream, cheese, mayo, chili, and lime. Mix everything up in your chip bag, give it a squeeze with your hand to break up the chips, and happily eat this unusually delicious creation with a spoon.

How it works:

There’s almost always a line, but it moves fast. You’ll have to pay first (cash only) and then get your snack. There are a limited number of tables inside and a bench or two outside, so plan on standing around as you eat. Or, take your snack and walk through Centrito (the neighborhood, located in San Pedro) to people watch and scope out a good place for dinner.

Do your best to order in Spanish, but if all else fails, you can just point to what you want. If you’re still at a loss for words, it’s not unusual to come across English-speaking Mexicans in this area of Monterrey. But, we know there’s one word you won’t forget: gracias.

¡Buen provecho!