With 3 museums, several memorials and the Zoo Boise all within walking distance from each other, downtown Boise and the Julia Davis Park is becoming the ultimate gathering place for art lovers in Idaho.

Even better, with sunny weather and summer days that last until 9:30pm, it is easy to park your car and explore the downtown area all by foot.

Within a few blocks, you have some of Boise’s heavy hitters in the art and culture world, and getting a culture fix has never been easier or more entertaining. 

Start at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, the only Anne Frank Memorial site in the United States. Located behind the Library, spend a little time reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that is on display. This beautiful outdoor memorial is free. If you’d like to schedule a one hour tour with one of the docents, you can do so on their website.

Next stop is the Boise Art Museum, more commonly known by locals as BAM. This is the perfect size museum to spend a good hour admiring exhibits that will make you think. Make sure to check out their special events page as they sometimes have Art in the Park and other fun events, perfect for the whole family.

The Idaho Historical Museum is your next stop on your cultural tour. Founded in 1907, the museum has a collection of over 250,000 artifacts and objects that make up the people and places in Idaho’s history. Explore the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Oregon Trail and the mining history.

Founded in 1995, The Idaho Black History Museum was set up to educate people about the history of African Americans, specifically the culture of African Americans in Idaho. The museum is in the old St. Paul Church, which was placed on the National Register of Historica Places, and worthy of a visit just to see the stained glass window.

Finally, and especially if you are traveling with kids, make a pit stop at the Zoo Boise. During the summer months, the wild butterfly exhibit is a must for any nature lover. And for only $3 dollars, you can take your kids to feed a giraffe lettuce cups. All proceeds go directly to the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.

In one afternoon and evening and for less than $20 bucks, you can explore the amazing culture and art museums in downtown Boise.