Would you jump off a 40-foot cliff? How about a 20-foot cliff?

Cliff Jumping is popular all over Oahu and adrenaline junkies are flocking to Hawaiian’s third largest island to push their fears aside and test their limits. While we were a little hesitant to try these, after driving around the island to watch plenty of brave souls jump, we finally convinced ourselves to try it after seeing what a rush it is. Bring a GoPro (or another waterproof camera) to capture your reaction as you hit the water. Here are some of our favorite photos from the trip (Check out our video here).

Be advised: These jumps are dangerous and should only be attempted at your own risk.

For the Extreme Jumper: La’ie Point State Wayside

At the urging on a local Hawaiian, we were talked into jumping off the famed cliff of La’ie Point. At almost 45 feet high, this jump was the highest we’ve ever attempted. Talk to locals first, as they’ll know the best way to get out of the water after you’ve made the leap and can offer tips and tricks that they’ve picked up along the way. We stayed at the point for two hours and there was always a small crowd – some spectators and others psyching themselves up for the rush.

Even if you don’t jump, this is a great spot for photography lovers with a dramatic backdrop of coastline and picturesque mountains. La’ie Point is also a great spot for shore fishing off the cliffs with no entrance fee. 

For the Adventure Lover Who’s Afraid of Heights: Waimea Bay Beach 

Heights aren’t your thing? No worries, Waimea Bay Beach is still a fun adventure. With different rocks at varying heights, you can work your way up to the 20-foot jumps. Another great photo opportunity, make sure you come around sunset, the golden hour when the cove glows as the sun dips below the ocean.

This spot is only recommended during the summer months when the ocean is calm enough to swim in. During the winter, big waves cause the current to be strong that can easily overwhelm even the best swimmers.