After spending hours watching them at home on TV or in a movie, seeing a celebrity walk down the street fills people with glee; I didn’t watch ‘Louis and Clark’ but when Dean Cane almost hit me with his shopping cart, I called my girlfriend immediately. Don’t lie to yourself. You may be coming to LA to surf, see the Hollywood Sign, or go to the LaBrea Tar Pits, but all you really want to do is see a movie star.

As a local, I know some top spots to hit up where you’ll have the best chance at seeing a star.

Now, one word of advice, if you plan on doing any spotting, it’s best to work these stops into a larger schedule so if you don’t see someone, you aren’t stranded in Venice with nothing else to do.

Easton Gym West Hollywood – The boutique gym in a non-descript building near the Beverly Center is a regular spot to find a sweaty celebrity. Mainly great for seeing television stars, a workout here might have you exchanging weights with the cast of Dexter or Breaking Bad.

Best Time to Come: Sundays

What to Look For: People wearing ball caps to workout

Hollywood Farmers Market – This place offers the best opportunities to get super close to your favorite television celebrities and not come off like a crazed fan. One block East of Sunset and Cahuenga, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled, but mixed in the crowd are top television stars and many b-list celebs. This is also frequently the location of reality show filming.

Best Time to Come: The market is open on Sundays from 8-2

What to Look For: Cameras.

Runyon Canyon – While many sighting spots change with the tide of what’s popular, Runyon Canyon has stayed a staple of the celebrity sighing scene. This mountain hike in Hollywood is well known for seeing movie stars go through their calisthenics. While there may not be a celebrity sighting on every hike, those that are seen are typically big stars or break-out talent. Also, even if you don’t spot a star, the views from this trail are well worth the trip.

Best Time to Come: Weekdays

What to Look For: People looking a bit too serious for a hike.

Venice Whole Foods – This recommendation came by way of a friend, but with the average house cost in the million, it’s no wonder the popular health food store is frequented by its local top shelf talent. You’ll find a mix of big television and movie stars filling up their baskets here.

Best Time to Come: Weekdays

What to Look For: The Cheese Shop is a good place to start

Sure Fire Sighting – There are few things guaranteed in life, but if you follow one these bits of advice, you will definitely see a star:

–          Attend a Live Taping – There are so many shows taped here, they literally give tickets away. Taping usually last 3-4 hours and then you can rush back to the hotel to listen to your funny laugh. Good shows to check out are The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or for easier tickets try the Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

–          See a Performance – Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre hosts a weekly show Asssscat, where celebrities tell stories about their lives to inspire improv comedy. The line-up always changes, but it’s a great show to check out. Also, check out their show Snowpants – usually featuring bigger celebrities.

–          Warner Brothers Studio Tour – This is by far the easiest and most comprehensive studio tour available. Taking you though a number or memorable back lots and weaving between live sets, this is a must for a true Hollywood fan. While there are several tours daily, book in advance.