They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that philosophy certainly holds true in Victoria, Canada. Check out the delightful selection of greasy spoons around the downtown core of British Columbia’s provincial capital.

Good word of mouth has earned the Blue Fox Cafe its successful run since the early 1990’s. This cheerful, family-operated business sits amid Victoria’s Antique Row. Portions are massive, whether you’re downing Eggs Delmonico (with smoked salmon, spinach, red onion, and herb cream cheese) or a fresh fruit-laden dish of French toast. The breakfast menu is available daily 7:30am-4:00pm, and the room bustles circa brunchtime. Colorful fruit-themed still-lifes by Western Canadian artists dot the walls, and cute touches like vegetable-shaped salt shakers further brighten the ambience. What’s the origin of the “Blue Fox”? Nobody seems to know, but he hops merrily in his portrait above the fireplace.

Looking for a traditional British breakfast? Try the James Bay Tea Room a modest heritage house nestled behind the Parliament Buildings. Bacon, kippers, and several classy variations on Eggs Benedict flesh out the menu, and traditional tea service is another highlight. Portraits of British royalty and related memorabilia adorn the walls. After dining, you’ll find lots of other beautiful heritage homes to admire in the neighborhood.

John’s Place, a funky, oak-floored joint, gets most of its business from locals without any advertising. Steps away from both City Hall and a popular youth hostel, it’s always packed for breakfast. John Cantin, the colorful Detroit-born owner, recommends in-house specialties like the Belgian waffle with cream cheese syrup (delectable!) or the create-your-own-omelette option with dairy, meats, and veggies. Autographed photos from entertainment legends cover the walls—in one given week, Martha Reeves and Richie Havens both dropped in. The jukebox is loaded with tunes from Victoria-area musicians, and the staff, many of whom have worked here close to 20 years, add to the down-home atmosphere with their friendly service.

If you prefer breakfasting without too much grease on your spoon, Rebar, a true vegetarian mecca, is probably Victoria’s healthiest option. From cranberry-maple granola to blue corn wild rice waffles, the menu is chock-a-block with organic ingredients, refreshing and never too heavy. Humorously titled concoctions are yours for the quaffing at the extensive juice bar. The basement-level surroundings with red floors and green walls are cheery and inviting, and it’s an easy stroll down to the Inner Harbour when you’re done.