Listen up Boardwalk Empire, fans. Want to dine in Nucky Thompson-fashion? Go to the Knife & Fork Inn in Atlantic City, which is a restaurant where Nucky Johnson, the real life inspiration to the Steve Buscemi character, was a regular.

The restaurant, which sits at the South end of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, opened in 1912 by Atlantic City Mayor William Riddle, and was always a “who’s who” kind of place. Its bar stayed open during most of Prohibition – the owners think Nucky had something to do with that. But after a raid where federal agents destroyed all the booze, the restaurant was sold to the Latz family, who made the restaurant alcohol free (though it’s not a dry restaurant now – their wine list has over 1,000 bottles).

Since Nucky’s days, the Knife & Fork has survived two family feuds, two shut downs and two renovations to remain a “must do” restaurants in Atlantic City. In its latest incarnation under Frank Dougherty, who also owns Dock’s Oyster House and Harry’s Oyster Bar in Atlantic City, the Knife & Fork offers an extensive surf and turf menu that uses local ingredients, from the seafood in your entrée to the tomatoes in your salad. For the Nucky experience, ask to eat on the first floor. For a more private dinner, ask to sit in what was once the “Ladies Lounge,” where women were seated in the teens and ’20s because they weren’t allowed in the bar.

If you’re not in the mood for a big, sit down meal, you can eat on the “porch,” which is an enclosed lounge with TVs. Reservations recommended.