San Diego is becoming quite the foodie scene. From gourmet Mexican food and the freshest seafood and sushi to unique combinations of soul food and traditional pub foods with organic local farm vegetables, this huge city has morphed into a world-class dining destination. While lunch and dinner are usually making news, breakfast in San Diego is just as crave-worthy. By remixing an old breakfast staple, these 5 restaurants have won the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

Check out 5 reinvented pancakes that make getting out of bed on a Monday totally worth it:

The healthy pancake with seasonal berries: Claire’s on Cedros – Produced in a certified green restaurant, Claire’s on Cedros makes healthy baked goods from scratch using only the finest and locally sourced ingredients. Their multigrain pancakes are one of their most popular breakfast items and topped with berries that change depending on the season.

The ‘20 minute’ Pancake: Richard Walker’s Pancake House – What if someone told you that their pancakes took twenty minutes to prepare? Would you still order them? Well, Richard Walker’s Pancake House makes you do just that. After your anxiety has thoroughly built, you will be served a super thick Granny Smith apple pancake with a cinnamon glaze. It looks more like an oversized cinnamon roll and could easily feed two or more. Arrive hungry.

Pecan Pancakes: Harry’s Coffee Shop– Located in trendy La Jolla, Harry’s Coffee Shop is a traditional coffee shop serving standard diner food. What makes Harry’s so special is that while they do serve traditional foods, they are anything but boring in taste. While customers are more than happy with any order, a special occasion definitely deserves the pecan and banana pancakes. The pancakes are sweet and crunchy, and cost less than a ten spot.

Lemon ricotta pancakes: Bernini’s Bistro – What do lemon and ricotta have in common? Nothing, except that the head chef at Berini’s Bistro, also in La Jolla, thought they would be delicious together in a buttery pancake. And he was right. The tartness from the lemon blends perfectly with the velvet richness of the ricotta for a pancake that is both sweet and savory.

Biggest Pancakes in San Diego: The Potato Shack– Located in north county San Diego, The Potato Shack is a neighborhood legend where everyone seems to know each other. Serving ‘man-hole sized’ pancakes in a variety of flavors, one pancake can easily serve your entire table. Beyond the taste, these pancakes make for fun photos of you comparing the pancake to the size of your head.