Non-beer drinkers face a dilemma when in Milwaukee: it’s a brew town, and beers of all kinds – from small local craft beers like Lakefront Brewing Company to the big guys like Miller – rule the town. 

Never fear, though, if you don’t like the sudsy stuff. Milwaukee has another fine drink culture surrounding the Blood Mary. 

It sounds like a simple drink: combine tomato juice and vodka, stir with a piece of celery and viola. But that’s way too tame for this Wisconsin city. Here, the Bloody Mary is not just for breakfast here. 

Check out these three places for knock out Milwaukee Bloody Mary experiences. 

The Wicked Hop

This isn’t a drink. It’s a meal. A Bloody Mary here includes shrimp, beef stick, pickle, portabella mushroom and strings of mozzarella cheese inside the drink. Not enough for you? As a bonus, they serve the drink with a shot glass of beer on the side. On warm days, try to snag a sidewalk seat to watch the crowds go by. It’s also a popular football, so expect a wait on fall Saturdays and Sundays.


A Bloody Mary from Stack’d isn’t complete without a slice of bacon, an olive and a pickle chip. This burger bar uses a custom house mix that includes A.1., Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, Tabasco and even Guinness. Into that goes the vodka – and the other food items, of course. If you’re really hungry – or you were out really late the night before – go for the Walk of Shame, which is a Bloody Mary paired with a Hangover Burger: burger, bacon, onion, fried egg, cheese and a personal bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Miller Park

A baseball stadium? You bet. The home of the Milwaukee Brewers has a stands set up throughout the concourse dedicated solely to this specialty drink. Their variety comes with additional beef, cheese and olives per drink. It’s not the most creative version of the drink, but having one at a baseball game is a novel experience. The only drawback: you can only get one when the Brewers are in town, and with a ticket to the game.