As it turns out, not everything is bigger in Texas, but that doesn’t mean America’s second largest state park and home to the Lone Star state’s version of the Grand Canyon isn’t worth seeing.

At 120 miles across and 20 miles wide, Palo Duro Canyon State Park offers over 28,000 acres for adventure. Located in the Texas Panhandle near Amarillo, Palo Duro Canyon has amazing sunset views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

While coming in second works for this awesome locale, you can still grab first place views with these three ways to explore Palo Duro.

Take a spin on four wheels
Just outside the entrance to the state park, visitors can stop at Elkins Ranch for an unforgettable jeep tour. Summer can be vicious in Texas, but this is one way to help you beat the heat without missing all the amazing views and photo opps Palo Duro Canyon offers. As an added bonus, all the drivers double as tour guides and take you through parts of Palo Duro you may miss on your own. Tours last from 1-3 hours, depending which you pick. 

BYOH (Bring Your Own Horse)
Texas is cowboy territory and spending the day on horseback is easily done at Palo Duro. While you and the family can rent horses for a guided tour beginning at the bottom of the canyon through Old West Stables, the park also has a special area reserved for riders and their horses to stay and park their trailer. Spending the day roaming through the canyon on horseback is awesome, but spending the day on your own horse? Now that’s just how the real cowboys would do it.

Stay in the Rim Cabins
Staying in tents isn’t for everyone, but enjoying sunset views across the expansive Texas sky is. Since the 1930s — the New Deal to be more specific — the canyon rim cabins at Palo Duro have been a must for visitors who want more than their average day at the state park. With privacy fences, modern amenities and seriously up close and personal views of the canyon rim, you’ll be living the good life day and night and upping the stakes for the next family vacation.