The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico provides many romantic sights.  Puerto Rico includes the main island and few smaller islands. Spanish is the language of love and you’ll have no trouble finding romance here.


Just off the coast of Puerto Rico is Vieques Island, which has a remarkable Bioluminescent Bay. Make sure you visit on a moonless night to get the full effect. The light is created by micro-organisms living in the water that give offa bluish light when disturbed.Nothing is more romantic than paddling through the glistening waters, in a clear bottom canoe, with your significant other.

Private Island

Rent a kayak or take a ferry and head over to our next romantic destination—Gilligan’s Island. Located off the coast of the small town, Guanica, Gilligan’s Island offers the privacy a couple desires. Here, lovers can snorkel, swim in the crystal clear water, or have a picnic under the mangroves. To get ultimate privacy, visit during the winter months from November through February.  

Yunque Rainforest

There is no denying the beauty and romance of nature.Pack some foodand spend the day picnicking and swimming in one of Yunque’s many waterfalls. There are also several trails to explore throughout the rainforest.

El Morro

In the past, El Morro served as a port for the United States Army. This fort has since become recognized as a national park. This place is great for a picnicking, kite flying, and providing a scenic background for pictures.

Private Beach

Are you tired of the tourists? Take a drive down to the southern part of Puerto Rico and visit the small fishing town of Salinas. Rent a bike and take a ride down one of Salinas’s dirt roads and find yourself away from tourists and surrounded by open nature and unpaved road. A fifteen minute bike ride will lead you to some of Salinas’s private white-sand beaches that only the locals know about.