Stand up paddleboard yoga is a mouth full. It’s no wonder that everyone shortens the first part to SUP, as it immediately feels more attainable and ten times cooler. A fun combination of surfing and paddling, Hawaii is known for SUP, and the calm waters in the north and western sides of Maui are especially conducive. In the last couple of years, yoga instructor and world-class surfer, Maria Souza, has developed a school to further SUP education and combined yoga moves into several classes.

If you’ve already tried SUP on previous vacations, this new twist will not only be challenging also keep you entertained.

At first glance, SUP seems difficult by itself. The whole balancing act can stall some people from ever even trying the sport. But once you let go of your fears of falling in the water, it is just water after all, you’ll quickly love the sport, as it’s much easier than surfing for the first time. Gliding over the water, you get a unique perspective of the shoreline, what’s swimming around underneath you and the horizon. You also work muscles that you might have forgot existed!

Just when you feel super confident on the board, they then want to add yoga. The balance and core strength is already in place and the yoga moves just reinforces those principles. With the calm water, you basically use the board to add another level of intensity, focusing on performing the correct move all while not falling into the water.

If you don’t love being stuck in the typical small box room of a yoga studio, you will love the fresh air, sea breeze and the sounds of the gentle waves crashing on shore. This is truly a mind and body experience, as you’ll feel more connected to your surroundings and the Earth than ever before.

The next day, you’ll be surprised how many muscle ache, but in a good way. SUP yoga is a quick addiction because of the ease (any one can do it) and beauty of being on the water.

When you plan a trip to Maui, make sure to include a stand-up paddleboard rental or SUP yoga class into your itinerary.  Here are a few of our favorite rental companies and schools:

Maui Stand Up Paddle Surf School– This is the school started by Maria Souza above. She works well with people who have sports injuries and want to get back into working out those muscles.

Tiki Man SUP– Located on West Maui, learn how to SUP in Napili Bay and Kapalua Bay with world-class surfers. Their philosophy is that anyone can SUP as long as you can swim. They offer sunrise and sunset rides, boot camp and yoga SUP classes.