Before heading over to Prince Edward Island, I asked a friend who was born there where I should go to get a decent cup of coffee. “Moncton,” was his reply (which is in a whole different province). I refused to believe that there wasn’t anywhere in Charlottetown that you could get a decent latte or cappuccino, so made it a mission to prove him wrong. I managed it. Here’s where you can, in fact, get a decent cup of Joe in downtown Charlottetown.

Leonhard’s Cafe and Restaurant (42 University Avenue)
Since it opened in 2008, Leonhard’s has become a firm local favorite. The cafe is owned by a young German couple who fell in love with PEI and moved here, and the atmosphere at the cafe feels very much like a lot of careful attention goes into creating the food and drink that they serve there. This cafe is unique in Charlottetown, and quite lovely.

Cafe Diem (Victoria Row)
Besides having decent coffee and yummy desserts, Cafe Diem is a great place to sit and watch the world go by, due to it being located in the historic heart of Charlottetown. When the sun is shining, sitting on the Cafe Diem patio and sipping on a latte is a very worthwhile pastime indeed (there are plenty of tables inside, should the weather refuse to cooperate).

Beanz Espresso Bar and Cafe (38 University Avenue)
For the past sixteen years, Beanz has been a local favorite as much as it is a welcome spot for tourists to grab a latte. The coffee is strong, and tasty. (You can buy bags of the beans they use to take home, although they are roasted in Nova Scotia, not on the Island.) This spacious cafe has walls full of local artwork, free wifi and a great selection of magazines that encourage you to sit and stay a while. They have a big selection of yummy cakes, and also serve sandwiches and salads.

Caledonia Coffee Roasters (at the Charlottetown Farmers Market)
Although the line up can be pretty long at this booth in the Farmers Market, it is so worth it. The coffee is good and strong, the perfect ingredient to kick off a great Saturday morning. Caledonia is the only coffee roasters on PEI, so you’re getting a local product when you buy one. Although there is no dedicated seating, the market has a covered eating area where you can sit and sip.

Linda’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop (located at 32 Queens Street)
If you are in a rush or like service with a smile, then maybe Linda’s isn’t the best place for you, but the coffee is decent, and there’s a fun retro vibe about the place. This corner coffee shop has been operating for forty years, and I’m guessing the counter and booths haven’t changed much since then.