Snowshoe Mountain isn’t your typical ski resort.

Sure, they have all the necessities that any ski resort should have, but it’s the extra special touches that make this resort a ‘must add’ to any ski lovers US vacation list.

With over 244 acres of skiable terrain, a wild backcountry with black diamond ski trails that puts you at one with nature, surprisingly delicious southern food, kids activities that are actually full of fun and adventure, and a resort location in the middle of a mountain range at least an hour from civilization, you’re family ski vacation just got upgraded.

Don’t think that East Coast skiing can’t be just as incredible as West Coast ski resorts. Snowshoe Mountain is full of surprises and will impress even the biggest ski resort snob.

Here are our favorite surprises at Snowshoe Mountain Resort:

1.)   The resort is at the top of the mountain: Unlike most resorts that sit at the bottom of the ski slopes, Snowshoe Mountain Resort is situated above the slopes, with gorgeous mountain views in every direction. From the balcony of your room at Allegheny Springs, you could enjoy a hot cup of cider and watch the sunset over the mountains.

2.)   The slopes are great for beginners, but don’t leave out experienced skiers. With plenty of green and blue runs, beginners will feel at ease on the slopes and won’t feel limited to just a couple trails. And, the backcountry offers black diamond trails that experienced skiers who are looking for a challenge will love too.

3.)   Really good food. Most ski resorts offer expensive food without much variety. Not so at Snowshoe Mountain. With southern BBQ, Mexican, and Italian restaurants, vacationers can satisfy almost any craving.

4.)   Kids activities that they’ll want to do. Sometimes ski resort handle kid friendly activities like an afterthought, but not so at Snowshoe Mountain. With Split Rocks Pools, The Big Top, tubing adventures, and Kids Night Out, kids of all ages will really have the time of their lives. Check out the Family Guide for Snowshoe Mountain.

5.)   The true escape. With a remote location, deep in the West Virginia Mountains, Snowshoe Mountain feels like a world away and the ultimate getaway. With cell service being spotty, you can truly have your unplug vacation without the hassle of traveling too far away from major cities. 

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