Located about 2-3 hours from any major city, Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia is an adventure lovers dream, remote, isolated and beautiful.

The mountain offers over 56 skiable trails, one with a 1,500-foot vertical drop, super fast nighttime snowmobile tours, exhilarating tube rides, and a covered heated snowcat tour.

You can do all of this in a fun weekend getaway, which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

5 Incredible Must-Try Adventures on Snowshoe Mountain:

1.  Ski the Western Territory: Obviously skiing has to be our number one adventure at any ski resort, but after you’ve conquered the 12 black diamond and double black diamond runs, head on over to the Western Territory. There you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous trees, a 1,500 vertical drop trail, and slopes that are more suitable for the adventure skier with moguls throughout the trail. With less people, this area is where you can really take in the scenery and feel like you’re an explorer all alone.

2.  Nighttime Snowmobile Tour: Put your helmet on and get ready for an incredible ride. These fast razors allow riders a unique perspective of the trails at night, and with speeds upwards of 40 MPH, you get quite the adrenaline rush too.  Before cranking the gas too much, you’ll be instructed on how exactly to turn and handle the snowmobile with an in depth class and one on one guide. Even the timid will feel comfortable with their snowmobile and be able to speed down the mountain safely.

3.  Tubing. You might think tubing is just for kids, but at Snowshoe Mountain, it’s adventurous enough for all levels. Ten different lanes are available so there is never a line to ride and each one offers a unique experience and different speeds. One lane (the number one lane when you exit the lift) was definitely the fastest on our most recent visit. Besides speed, this lane also offered two big bumps in the middle, making sure riders got a lot of air on the ride.

4.  Heated Snowcat Ride. Tired of being cold- no worries, Snowshoe has you covered, literally. With Snowshoe’s heated covered snowcat rides, visitors can experience the mountain and the great outdoors with shelter from the snow and cold. It’s really cool to see how Snowshoe Mountain takes the fresh water from Shaver’s Lake and makes it into incredible snow. *This adventure is great for families, too. Kids under 3 ride for free!

5.  Off Road with a Polaris RZR: Again heated and covered, this ride for up to 4 people takes visitors to the backcountry of Snowshoe Mountain to see parts of the mountain that few other visitors’ experience. If you want to combine a ride with dinner, consider embarking on the Backcountry dinner tour that takes you to the Sunrise Backcountry Hut for a one of a kind dining experience that is only available through the off road trip.

Sponsored by Snowshoe Mountain.