There’s something really special about a helicopter ride that allows you to see a destination through a whole new lens. While most people see a new place via a car or boat or even walking, a helicopter ride allows you to see the entire city – from the mountaintops to the street and then the lake from a bird’s eye view.

The vantage point allows you to see how all the attractions compare to each other and where they are in relationship to one another. 


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For a photographer, a helicopter ride allows you to capture a place from that unique perspective. After a 45-minute tour around Tahoe South, we’re convinced it has some of the most unique landscape in the world.

From the beautiful glass-like appearance of Emerald Bay to the rugged and rocky mountain top and onward to an empty cross country ski path, Tahoe South is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 



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Located in Tahoe South and operating out of the Lake Tahoe Airport, Reno Tahoe Helicopters have been showing visitors this beautiful area via helicopter rides for 10 years.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience to add to your itinerary, a helicopter ride is the way to go. Reno Tahoe Helicopters offer several flights, from a ten-minute Emerald Bay flight that will glide over the bay, to a 1-hour sunset champagne tour (perfect for those romantic trips or anniversaries). The sunset champagne tour takes you around the entire lake, hovering back towards Tahoe South just as the sun dips below the mountaintops. This is when the lake shines from the reflection of the sun bouncing back and forth off the clouds and back towards the lake water. It’s truly an unbelievable sight.



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If alpine lakes and waterfalls are more your thing then book a flight during late spring and summer. These flights will take you mountainside where you’ll see Horsetail Falls, an 800-foot waterfall and the granite face of Lover’s Leap, a “little Yosemite” right in the heart of Tahoe South.

The Sand Harbor flight is great for anyone who wants a grand overview of all the incredible hiking and hidden beaches around Lake Tahoe. We love this option for spring, summer and early fall, so after your hike you can cool off on the beaches and in the lake.

Check out Reno Tahoe Helicopters and craft your perfect trip over Tahoe South. We guarantee it will be unlike anything you’ve done before.

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